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This Week's Autojumbles and Classic Car Events

With the clocks changed, there's more daylight to enjoy that restoration work or weekend event. See what's going on below.

Latest Autojumbles and Events : 14.04 Greyhound Bikers Night : 15.04 CMA Social Meet : 15.04 Techno Classica 2015 : 15.04 Plough Inn Bikers Night : 17.04 Rover Sports Register Walney to Whitby Rally : 17.04 White Swan Bike Meet : 17.04 Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night : 18.04 Salisbury Classic Marques Speed Challenge : 19.04 Belton Park Classic Car Show : 19.04 Classics at the Mill : 19.04 Classic and Vintage Car Rally : 19.04 Garstang Car and Bike Autojumble : 19.04 Huddersfield Autojumble : 19.04 Lakeland Classic Drive and Ride-In Day : 19.04 Lincoln BIG Mini Day : 19.04 34th Malvern Classic and Off Road Motorcycle Show and Autojumble : 19.04 VMCC Norwich Pre 40's Run : 19.04 VMCC Norwich Spring Run : 25.04 Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival : 25.04 British & Midland Championships Weekend : : ... check our listings. APR 2015 Events

This Sunday 12th April sees the A5 Autojumble Car and Motorbike Autojumble event at Oswestry Showground, Shropshire. On the 12th April it's the Eastern Riders Sunday Ride event at Thickthorn Service Area, Norfolk, and on 12th April the 19th Eglinton Classic Club Annual Static Show event at City of Derry Rugby Club, Londonderry. Following that on 12th April the Kenley Autojumble event at The Portcullis Club, Surrey, and then on the 12th April it's the the 17th Malvern Mini Show and Spares Day event at Three Counties Showground, Worcestershire.

For a list of events coming up in the next few weeks, please look here.

For a list of ALL events, please look here.

These events are updated weekly (Sunday evening generally). Check back next week for the latest events.

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Museum Feature

David Coulthard Museum

This week we feature the David Coulthard Museum in Lanarkshire, UK.

The David Coulthard Museum has without doubt the world's most complete collection of memorabilia for any F1 driver, past or present. Started by David's father Duncan, almost every trophy, DC has ever won is on display. DC'c father must have had a good idea that he was going to the very top of the motor racing world, because from DC's very earliest karting days, Duncan collected the plastic karting trophies, qualifying sheets, helmets, and anything that may be of interest in the future. Duncan's ..... Read more about the David Coulthard Museum here.

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Classic Car Restoration Books

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

It Covers all stages of vehicle interior enhancement, from cleaning and tidying, through to stripping out and replacing upholstery, repairing seat frames, and renewing trim panels. Other chapters describe how to cure water leaks, rust damage, re-colouring vinyl trim, feeding and maintaining leather upholstery, facia and door capping renovation and dealing with headlinings. Useful contact addresses are included in the appendices.