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This Week's Autojumbles and Classic Car Events

With the clocks changed, there's more daylight to enjoy that restoration work or weekend event. See what's going on below.

Latest Autojumbles and Events : 25.04 AACI Spring Open Nationals : 25.04 Rover Sports Register Walney to Whitby Rally : 25.04 VW Festival at the Mill 2014 : 25.04 White Swan Bike Meet : 25.04 Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night : 26.04 British & Midland Championships Weekend : 26.04 Lincoln Autojumble : 26.04 Salisbury Classic Marques Speed Challenge : 26.04 Squires Bike Autojumble : 27.04 Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet : 27.04 Bournemouth and Poole PC Annual Vehicle Road Run : 27.04 Bressingham MG Car Rally : 27.04 Brimar Vintage Classic Show and Cavalcade : 27.04 British Commercial Vehicle Museum Ford Day : 27.04 Chasewater Transport Show : 27.04 Donington German Prestige Car Show : 27.04 East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club Drive It Day Road Run : 27.04 Eastern Riders Sunday Ride : 27.04 Classic and Vintage Car Rally : 27.04 Midland Automobile Club MAC Classic : : ... check our listings. APR 2014 Events

This Friday 25th April sees the AACI Spring Open Nationals three day event at Billing Aquadrome, Northamptonshire. On the 25th April it's the Rover Sports Register Walney to Whitby Rally three day event at Walney to Whitby, Yorkshire, and on 25th April the VW Festival at the Mill 2014 event at Haselbury Mill, Somerset. Following that on 25th April the White Swan Bike Meet event at White Swan Pub, Norfolk, and then on the 25th April it's the the Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night event at The Whitwell & Reepham Station, Norfolk.

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Museum Feature

Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum

This week we feature the Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum in Norfolk, UK.

The motorbike first appeared in the 1880's and by the mid 1900's was a common sight on Britain's roads, used for both work and pleasure. It was pressed into service during the two world wars under many guises. The 1930's were perhaps the heyday of the British Motor Cycle industry with many now famous names building a wide range of Motor Cycles. The second world war saw a halt to some of the companies and the death knell to many of the smaller UK manufacturers. A few companies survived and still ..... Read more about the Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum here.

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Classic Car Restoration Books

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

It Covers all stages of vehicle interior enhancement, from cleaning and tidying, through to stripping out and replacing upholstery, repairing seat frames, and renewing trim panels. Other chapters describe how to cure water leaks, rust damage, re-colouring vinyl trim, feeding and maintaining leather upholstery, facia and door capping renovation and dealing with headlinings. Useful contact addresses are included in the appendices.