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About The British Commercial Vehicle Museum

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland Lancashire has for the past twenty years been dedicated to preserving the history of the road transport industry in the United Kingdom. Its exhibits and archives contain not just examples of the vehicles themselves, but evidence of their interaction with a century of daily life. This is one of Britain most important heritage collections - a unique display of historic commercial vehicles and buses spanning a Century of truck and bus building. The British Commercial Vehicle Museum houses over 60 vehicles which tell the story of commercial vehicle design and use over the past 120 years. The museum also tells a story of the current commercial vehicle use and to be able to see into the future at what could be our future vehicles. On show, there is extensive archive footage which illustrates transport and social history of the UK over the past century. Visitors can view an imaginative display of vehicles, which use sound and lighting special effects to give a virtual reality tour for all the exhibits, creating a spectacular and fascinating exhibition. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

Opening Times

April to end of September Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only October Sundays and Tuesdays only November to end of March Closed Public Holidays Open Bank Holiday Mondays Easter Open Sunday/Monday 23/24 March Hours Of Opening 10.00am - 5.00pm.

Contacting the Museum

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King Steet, Leyland, Nr Preston, Lancashire, PR25 2LE

01772 451 011

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